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Unfortunately, many institutions have subjected their customers, patrons, and employees to harmful products or chemicals. Some have even filed for bankruptcy, potentially protecting them from having to provide compensation.

Fortunately, a few things have happened in the United states to help Americans receive compensation for being victimized in the negligence.

Bankruptcy courts have forced these companies who have used asbestos in their manufacturing process to establish trust funds to compensate asbestos victims. Over $30 billion has been set aside in asbestos trusts to compensate asbestos victims. Eligibility generally involves at least 5 years of asbestos exposure prior to 1983 and a confirmed diagnosis of asbestos disease.

In March of 2022, an unprecedented bipartisan bill passed in congress allowing veterans & their families to pursue compensation for pain and suffering related to their military service for the first time ever.

There are many other instances where you can be represented by an attorney to receive damages. Speak with a qualified attorney in your area to get started today

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